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Passions, Purpose & Prosperity's mission is to  Inspire boldness, build resiliency and empower women to






About Us

Our Story

As women, we take on several roles:  Mother, Sister, Daughter, Wife, Executive, Entrepreneur, Friend, Coach, and Leader.  We often change our behaviors, wants, and needs to satisfy the desires of others; leaving us emotionally exhausted, depleted of energy, resentful and unfulfilled.


Then 10, 20, 30 years later, we wake up wondering what happened, where did my dreams go?  They seem to have been swallowed up by seemingly more important responsibilities.  P3 is here to remind you it’s never too late, don’t let your dreams die, and through our network we want to  help you to Dream, Rise and Lead.


Our goal is to help you keep your network strong.  Connect you with an exclusive  community of dynamic, intelligent and accomplished women from varying backgrounds and fields to enhance your business, career and personal success.