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Happy New Year!!! It’s Time to Dream Again

Are you living your best life? Well, if not…today is your day. Notice I did not say 2019 is your year, because tomorrow is not promised, let alone the rest of the year. So, today is it. Let’s get busy.

You may have had a dream, purpose, or desire that got thrown by the wayside due to life's circumstances. Unfortunately, we can’t do anything about that…the past is gone. But what we can do is dream again. It's time to dream again. Our dreams are like plants. Initially a plant is nothing but dirt and seeds. For it to grow and become purposeful, it has to be nurtured. So it is with our dreams and desires.

The first thing that we should do with a dream is to identify it. Sit down, be quiet and believe me it will begin to surface. As it does, write it down. Make it ideal and specific. Journaling while fulfilling your dreams is so important to the journey. It is like establishing a road map.

After you have identified, and written your dream, purpose or desire. You need to research what it takes to make it happen. Scour the internet, ask those doing, or who have done the same thing, find a book about it, etc., etc. Find any means necessary to gain the information needed to get you closer to your realizing your dream. And, remember to write it down. Write what you discovered.

You should be getting super excited by now. You know what you want to do, and you are discovering how to do it. You are on a roll.

Before you devise a plan to realize your dream, solicit an accountability partner to be in agreement with you concerning your goals. An accountability partner will not only be in agreement with you, but will also hold you accountable to your commitment to get to your dream.

Here's the final step to getting your dream off the ground. Now is the time to plan.

Figure out the first action item necessary to make your dream come to fruition, and set a deadline to complete the task. Once you know what you have to do to get started...DO IT! Now you have begun to nurture your dream. Handle it with care, and do not let anyone trample it. Next- repeat, repeat, repeat. Continue to research, investigate, and figure out each step that is required to get you to your destined place.

Now you are on your way to making your dream come true.

Best wishes for an exciting future!

Use What You’ve Got

Many are called, few chosen...but, all have a purpose. It's up to us to realize what it is. It doesn't have to be complicated. If you have a beautiful smile, light up the lives of those you encounter. If you are mother...maybe you are raising the next Martin(ina) Luther King of our times.

Whatever your purpose, figure it out and get to it Life is short!

Uniquely You

You are fearfully, and wonderfully made. There is no one who can do you, like you . It's time to be true to thine own self. Stop doing what everyone else wants you to do, and do what you want to do. Live your purpose. Be uniquely you. Someone out there is waiting to smell your fragrance.

No Labor, No Birth!

If you are ever going to birth anything, you are going to labor. Labor can be very painful. However, you will never grow beyond the tolerance you have for pain. Don't ask for a lighter load...ask for a stronger back. Come's time to birth your baby!

Though None Go With Me

Now that you have reinvigorated your dream, you will have to proceed with a made-up mind. Often times a made-up mind will require you to eliminate anyone (or thing) that will hinder you from meeting your goals, i.e. naysayers, time wasters, etc., etc. Once determined what needs to be left behind, you may discover that there is no one left on the journey but you. Know that you can do all things through Christ. Then, you can truly say, "Though none go with me...I'm going all the way."

Every Dream Has a Challenge

If you wait until everything is all right in your life to fulfill your purpose, you will be too late. Every dream has something to overcome - a challenge, or a problem. God wants to use you in your current circumstances. In fact, He will use you to heal others when you are wounded yourself. Know that the pain in your life is never greater than God's purpose for your life.

When In Doubt, Do Without

Women are very intuitive. Thus, we usually make wise decisions when we follow our first mind. Somehow, when it comes to relationships, our intuition pales. That's why the Bible says, "Above all else guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. (NIV)" Everything...WOW, that's big, but very true. Consider how your relationships have touched every aspect of your life. With that said, 'when in doubt, do without.'

Struggling to Succeed? Check Your Relationships

Our relationships are key to our success. Consider...In prosperity your friends know you. In adversity, you know your friends. The barrier between where you are and where God wants to take you often is one relationship you are unwilling to confront. Getting to the next level could be connected to someone you need to let go.

Getting to the Promise Land

The pursuit of excellence requires sacrifice. Sacrifice is inconvenient and takes us out of our comfort zone. Only you can determine if it's worth it. However, you should know, God does some of His best work through our discomfort. And, that discomfort will lead us right to our Promise Land.

We get what we give (whether love, hate, encouragement, bitterness, etc). You have not because you give not. The very thing we want to receive is what we should be giving to others. Often, it won't come from the same person, but we WILL get back what we put out. Make it a positive exchange. (T. Wise)

· What do you expect? Are your expectations based on what you can accomplish? If they are, they are way too low. When God is the focus of your expectations, He will come through exceedingly, and abundantly above what you can even imagine. God will super-size your dreams. You need not to look at your past, nor to look at your current situation. You need only to allow your faith to arise and to look Him. He wants to do phenomenal things in you, so He can do phenomenal things through you.

· So, you think you have heard from God. Well, maybe you have and maybe you haven't. Here are some questions you might ask. 1) Did I hear a personal inter- thought or God? 2) Was there more emotion than revelation? 3) Was what I heard in agreement with scripture? 4) Even if I heard the words correctly, am I interpreting them correctly? 5) Is what I heard for current reality or for the future? 6) Have I submitted what I heard to counsel? I'm just saying...better safe than sorry.

· If you are going to dream, dream big. Your dreams should inspire you, challenge you and cause you to grow. Inside of us is infinite power. We are surrounded by endless opportunities and limitless possibilities. All of your dreams can come true if you just have the courage to pursue them. (C.E. Bronner)...Get started! Having trouble getting direction from God? Sometimes when it seems He isn't say anything, He is simply saying, "Be still and know that I am God." And, often if you really think about you will realize that you have not acted on the last thing He told you. So, in actuality, you may not be waiting on Him, He may be waiting on you.

· Having trouble getting direction from God? Sometimes when it seems He isn't say anything, He is simply saying, "Be still and know that I am God." And, often if you really think about you will realize that you have not acted on the last thing He told you. So, in actuality, you may not be waiting on Him, He may be waiting on you.

· You know that thing that was so difficult. He pulled you out of it. Now, He has to pull it out of you. It will be so much easier if you loosen your grip.
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